Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Camping Adventures

We love to camp. One of our wedding gifts (via our REI registry) was an awesome, three-season tent (thanks, Auntie C!). We've camped all over VA and some in WV. It was on a camping trip, one year after we'd met, that we decided to give dating a chance. We try to make a camping trip every spring and every fall. 

And this year, we decided to bring Lola and see if she also loves camping. 

We went to Bear Creek Lake State Park, and we really liked it. It's about an hour from Richmond, so it's one that we'll definitely use again for a Friday - Sunday camping trip since we can leave after work and still get there in a decent amount of time. The camping area was nice, and since it wasn't packed, we actually had an empty site on either side of us. They also have lakeside spots that don't have water and electrical hookup, which would be a good fit for us. 

The weather was perfect -- crisp and cold but sunny and bright. It got pretty cold at night, but we made sure to bring plenty of extra blankets, and we both have good sleeping bags. Plus we had Lola. She's pretty warm. 

Campfire food! I did all of the chopping before we left since it was too cold to expect good knife skills. 

Richard enjoying that campfire peppers-onions-and-sausage dinner.

The trusty camp stove and tasty scrambled eggs

My favorite tree!