Monday, December 28, 2015

Rearview Mirror: 2015

Was my last post really at the beginning of August?

It's been a busy few months, as we knew it would be. Life with a baby is hectic -- it takes 20 minutes to get out the door, and even then we've forgotten things or we're already late. Not only that though, my work schedule was incredibly busy for about five weeks during October and into November. It was really nice to have full days coming back after maternity leave since it helped me focus on work and not pine for my Bear all day. 

And then, there were the holidays. Richard and I thought it was crazy trying to balance dinners and traditions and expectations for two families before the baby. Well. 

We had a wonderful Christmas, and I know Bear did, too. Even if he won't remember it and even if his favorite part was the wrapping paper. 

All of that as an intro to say, 2015 was an incredibly amazing year, and here is a look back. 

I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for us in 2016! 

In 2015 we...

... added picture frame molding to the dining room, painted the guest room (Emmy's room this whole year), picked a color for the dining room wall (out of FOURTEEN choices... sigh), built a light for billiard room, and added some built-in window seats 

... turned an empty room into Barrett's nursery (the wall and the rest of the nursery)

... tracked the baby bump progress (JanuaryFebruaryMarch, April, May, June -- so many selfies!)

... traveled to Baltimore for a Sisters' Trip!

... had some professional photos taken by Alex C. Tenser (maternity and newborn)

... had a baby! And wrote out his birth story