Friday, May 8, 2015

April Baby Bump

Two months to go! 

I can hardly believe that this little baby boy is going to actually be here in less than two months. I am so. ready. to. meet. him! 

Baby Barrett has progressed through many stages of produce-size. He was the size of a bunch of bananas, then a coconut, then a pineapple, then a cantaloupe, and on and on. Lots of tasty summer fruits. 

This month has been a busy one. I turned 28 years old (woohoo!), we made a trip to South Carolina (where I was blessed with another baby shower!), and I also made a quick trip to Emerald Isle at the end of the month. 

We've been working on getting Barrett's nursery ready, and that room is coming along slowly but surely. The walls are painted and about half of the furniture is in there. I'll write a post with the accent wall and another one about the total closet rebuild that Richard did. 

We're firmly in the third trimester now and having appointments every two weeks. Baby Bear is growing right on schedule, and everything looks good!

4/1/15 -- 27 weeks 2 days
4/2/15 -- 27 weeks 3 days
4/4/15 -- 27 weeks 5 days
4/5/15 -- 27 weeks 6 days

4/6/15 -- 28 weeks
4/7/15 -- 28 weeks 1 day
4/8/15 -- 28 weeks 2 days
4/11/15 -- 28 weeks 5 days
4/12/15 -- 28 weeks 6 days
4/13/15 -- 29 weeks
4/15/15 -- 29 weeks 2 days
4/16/15 -- 29 weeks 3 days
4/17/15 -- 29 weeks 4 days -- my 28th birthday!
4/19/15 -- 29 weeks 6 days -- with some dear friends at my SC Baby Shower :)
4/21/15 -- 30 weeks 1 day -- Lola and Richard jumped in for the picture, too
4/22/15 -- 30 weeks 2 days
4/24/15 -- 30 weeks 4 days
4/27/15 -- 31 weeks
4/29/15 -- 31 weeks 2 days

Monday, May 4, 2015

Window Seats

It's been a busy time for us! We're prepping for baby Barrett, and we've both had a lot on our plates work-wise, so I haven't been blogging much. We still have a lot that we're working on in the house though, so here's one little project that we've gotten finished. 

I've always loved the idea of having window seats, and the dormer windows in our craft room were the perfect place for them. As soon as we moved in, Richard said that he would build them for me. He's the best. 

The supports on which the finished seat will sit. 
Testing out the size of the wood before adding the batting and fabric

So he measured and cut and set up the supports for the seats, and I went to Hobby Lobby and got padding and fabric. I chose a durable duck in a pretty pattern. 

Richard stapled a layer of batting to the wood and added some additional padding with some polyester filling. He lined up the pattern and stapled the fabric around the wood + batting. And voila! A seat!

When we first test-fitted the covered seats, they fit very snugly in the little window nooks and they sat very close against the window. A little too close -- you couldn't sit very comfortably in the space. 

So Richard added another board on the window side of the seat to push the seat part out from the window AND to add a little place for setting a mug of tea or a glass of water. So perfect!

Look at that sweet little spot for reading and enjoying some tea!