Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Baby Card Book

After we got married, I took all of our lovely wedding cards and compiled them into one beautiful book of well-wishes. I loved all of the sweet cards and kind  thoughts, and I didn't want to throw them away or stash them somewhere in a box. So I took to Pinterest and found this cute idea. 

And when we got a plethora of cards wishing us congratulations on Baby Bear, I decided to do the same with all of those sweet wishes and adorable cards. 

It really is as easy as it looks. 

Just get all of your cards together, hole punch in the same place in each corner, and clip them together on a giant binder ring. 

The best way to make sure that you have the cards evenly lined up is to punch a hole in one card, line it up over the second card so that the edges are flush, then use the first hole as a guide and punch the hole in the second card. 

For the book of wedding cards, I made a thick, cardboard cover, too. But the baby cards were cute, so I just picked the cutest one and made that one the front one. 

Oh, and I tied a ribbon on there just to make it look extra festive.